Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms.

Basic Info

  • Turnaround times are typically 1-2 weeks. I will let you know if I think it will take longer!
  • Communication can be done through email (hexephre AT gmail), discord, or social media via DMs. Email is my preferred go-to, as I can keep track of notes and reference there.
  • I use Paypal invoices for payment. All payments should be made in USD. I won't start working until I've received payment!
  • Please note that I do not provide refunds unless I need to cancel the commission. In that case, depending on the amount of progress I’ve made, I may issue a partial or full refund.


  • I retain all rights to WIP images and the final artwork. This includes posting it on social media or using it as promotional art or portfolio work.
  • I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason. I also retain the right to cancel a commission in progress for any reason. Depending on the amount of progress I’ve made, I may issue a partial or full refund.
  • My designs are NOT to be used for tattoo flash.
  • The rights to the design and ownership of the character/subject remain with their original creator(s) or owner(s).

You may:

  • use the image for personal purposes, including printing it at home or professionally for your own personal use.
  • crop, resize, or add a border to the piece.
  • use the image as an icon/avatar, RP faceclaim, or in character reference pages such as on toyhou.se, provided you give linked credit back to me somewhere on your profile.
  • colour a lineart or sketch commission for your own purposes.

You may NOT:

  • claim the image as your own. This includes the final work as well as any WIPs.
  • use the image for any commercial purpose (i.e. you cannot make money off it).
  • edit or remove my watermark or signature.

I will draw:

  • Humanoid, anthro, or feral (animal) characters and designs
  • Fanart of existing IPs
  • Original characters (OCs), fursonas / other sonas, etc.
  • Mild gore, injuries, or body horror
  • Suggestive themes and NSFW (you MUST be 18+ to order a NSFW commission)

I will not draw:

  • Mechas and complex machinery
  • Extremely muscular characters
  • Real people
  • Intense gore, injuries, body horror, or violence
  • Extreme fetishes
  • Any kind of hateful content
  • Suggestive or sexual content involving minors or characters that appear to be underage

If you agree to these terms, send me an email with the following information:

  • Commission type
  • Details about your commission (pose, expression, design, etc.)
  • Character reference images (links or attachments)
  • If looking for a character design or geometric tattoo, written/image reference is acceptable. Please be as accurate as possible!
  • Your paypal email address

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