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I'm just kind of a person out here in this crazy world who likes to draw and write and tell stories. I gravitate toward slice-of-life and romance, but I can never resist peppering a bit of fantasy in there, whether it's a full-blown other planet or just a touch of magic in an otherwise quite similar setting to our own world.

I also have a heck of a lot of OCs. It may or may not be a problem, depending on how you feel about characters who are little more than a visual design and a general vibe. A lot of them are just meant to populate the worlds I imagine, a supporting cast and a range of cameos to pick from when I need them. I absolutely play favourites with my OCs.

critics are raving about Hex!

"a really beefed up computer with low RAM so you can't run all your sweet apps"

"you do deserve the patent for Hex Green though"

"a delightful adult who appeared their stated age"

"lots of love in Hex"

"hi im hex and i want to experience it" --hexbot

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Nico: You do your best to appear cool, cute, and sophisticated, but you're mostly just trying to hold your life together. You went to bed at 8 last night and you're still tired, but at least you managed to avoid rage-replying to strangers on Twitter today! Go buy yourself something nice. You earned it.