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Social Media

I have dabbled all over the web in my time. If you stumble across a Hexephre out there in the wild, it should be me! In fact, I'd like to know if it isn't me. The odds of someone else independently coming up with this handle are not zero, but they are pretty low. But here are some places I frequent... frequently:

  • Labyrinth.Social - my primary, general Mastodon account.
  • Mastodon.ART - my art-specific Mastodon account
  • cohost - my primary social media outside of mastodon these days
  • schlaugh - a slowcial media that only updates once a day. Very calming, good for reflection.
  • Pillowfort - another social media. I use it less often but it's still a nice place

Other Places

Uhh, idk, things I maintain sometimes that you might want to know about?

  • - my current OC catalog. I'm hoping to move it to this website someday!
  • Watching a Butterfly Hatch - I briefly ran a webtoon about Levi's last year of high school. 18+.
  • Flight Rising - I love my pixel dragons. many of them are either based on, or the basis for, my OCs!
  • carrd - basically where I kept my social media links until now

Useful Things I Do

Sometimes I make things that you might like?


Wanna poke a button? I got you some buttons for poking.

You can link to me with this button. Please upload to your own site to use!

my button

Other People

Links are in no particular order! I don't necessarily endorse the contents of these sites; they may or may not contain NSFW or sensitive content. I'm happy to exchange links as long as your site doesn't contain any offensive content.

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