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I have, like, way too many of these, but here's a handful of the most important ones to me.


Characters (coming soon!)

I grew up loving dinosaurs and birds, wearing fake wings and walking an invisible dog on a coathanger-and-fabric leash. On the school yard I roleplayed an Eevee who could change to and from any Eeveelution at will (note: this was during first gen times), and then later a purple falcon named – wait for it – Prplfalcn. I would go on nature trail walks with my parents and surround myself with imaginary woodland creatures called Chompers. I watched my imaginary best friend fly alongside the school bus on the way home. I wrote a story about the fabled CyndaRitaDile, the most powerful starter (in gen 2). I twirled wooden chopsticks to make magic and threw together random liquids for potions.

Don't worry, I had real friends too. And I never drank the potions.

I jumped through rainy puddles and travelled through the basement storage room into other worlds. I started to daydream about a girl who would do the same, ending up in a strange place called Kenah and finding herself transformed into a dragon.

Kenah is the world in which the majority of my OCs live. It was an isekai before the term became well-known, though obviously the concept has existed for a long time – in Narnia, in Spirited Away, in any number of the webcomics that inspired me growing up. Being a childhood heartbreaker epic, my goal with it is not to create something that will necessarily reach a lot of people or be wildly successful. I just want to create the story that's been in my head for ove twenty years now, to the best of my ability, keeping as true as I can to its core while also expressing my abilities as an artist and writer.

How Not to Handle Relationships

Characters (coming soon!)

What was originally a roleplay between myself and a friend spiralled into a hyperfixation on my main character in that story, Levi Snow. HNtHR is the overarching title for the series; the roleplay of the same name involved a lot of drama, poorly timed run-ins, a cat shapeshifter hell-bent on giving her fellow feral cats sentience, old exes, coworkers with their own levels of drama to deal with, and maybe a little bit of Chthulu-esque monsters. The roleplay depicts Levi's adult life and relationship with his eventual husband, Corvin Meyers.

I began to dive into Levi's past, starting with his univeristy life, in a story called The Phoenix. My aim with Levi's backstory is to always depict it from the point of view of the person most important to him at that point in his life. In the Phoenix, it's Keandre, a classmate who meets Levi by accidentally setting his shoe on fire. Levi comes into his own during his university years, focusing his powerful magical abilities and learning about independence.

Then I went further back, in a story called Watching a Butterfly Hatch, to his final year of high school and his time with Terrence, who starts out as a bed partner and eventually becomes much more. WaBH is, in small part, realized as a webtoon here. I really enjoyed making it, but the amount of time it took to make each episode was ultimately just not something I could commit to.

HNtHR is by nature an 18+ setting; Levi has always been a sexual person, even from early on. All characters involved in sexual activities are 18+ and the sex isn't explicit. Levi's backstory includes themes of child sexuality, neglect, abuse, and trauma.

Project Cyreneas

Characters (coming soon!)

Cyr is many things. It's a semi-futuristic city of hedonihilism. It's a dating sim that may or may not ever be made. It's the setting in which my indulgent self-insert takes place. It's definitely 18+.

If you've seen me on the internet for more than a minute, or read that one journal I wrote, you've probably heard me talk about my self-insert, and how I strongly recommend that everyone try writing one sometime. I won't repeat myself (this time). But you should give it a shot.